Run a campaign
Everything you need to run a successful campaign
Here's an overview of how to start a campaign and what happens during it.

Start a new campaign

To get started, sign in on and click the B00ST button on the homepage
Provide campaign details.
  1. 1.
    Artist Name
  2. 2.
    Target link: this can be ANY link or channel you want to promote and grow, e.g. a social media platform, song/album on a streaming service, artist website, artist merch store, a single show or an entire tour, etc.
  3. 3.
    Upload an asset/creative. Square 1080x1080 pixels, or Vertical 1080x1920 work best. Our AI has you you covered on copy.
4. Click submit and let B00ST take care of the rest.

During a campaign

Campaign Duration

Our campaigns are tailored for maximal total results with minimal cost-per-result. A good guideline is two to four weeks per campaign.

Campaign Actions

Once a campaign has started, you cannot make changes. If something is wrong, the best way forward is to stop the campaign and start a new one. No worries, we'll credit your account with the remaining campaign budget, no questions asked.
Below are some of the most common actions. To initiate any of them please paraphrase what you're trying to get done and email it to [email protected]
Keep your 8-digit B00ST campaign ID handy when you email [email protected]. You can find it on your daily report or your campaign confirmation email.
(coming soon) Account: add or remove users. This is beneficial if you want your team to have viewing access to your campaign. Viewing access includes daily reports.
Help: if there is something wrong with your campaign, we suggest to pause your campaign immediately and investigate our how-to docs or join our Discord Community .
Pause: pause your campaign to put things on a temporary hold.
Pay: to pay an invoice or receive details on past campaigns.
Report: receive a basic report for all campaigns running on your account. We are working on more detailed reports (coming soon).
Ad metric acronyms - See the B00ST Reports section for further details
CPC (Cost per click) = the price you pay when a fan clicks your ad
Impressions = the number of people who potentially see your ad
CTR (Click-through rate) = a ratio showing how often people who see your ad end up clicking it. CTR is calculated by dividing clicks by impressions
Restart: restart a paused campaign.
Stop: permanently stop your campaign. Think of this as the finish/conclude button. We recommend you stop a campaign and create a new one if you need to make changes to a running campaign.
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