High-level and detailed overviews of reports you'll receive via email, metrics you should watch, some that we watch and why.

What reports do I get with B00ST?

With B00ST you get two types of reports: regular and on-demand.

Regular reports

You'll receive daily update snippets of the overall campaign, delivered right to your inbox. These typically update from ad platforms 3-4 times a day and are sent to you each morning.

On-demand reports (coming soon!)

Can't find your morning email? Don't want to search? Simply email your trusty [email protected] with
"I'd like a report for campaign <insert-b00st-id-here>"
in your email message.
Then sit tight, your report is on its way.

What are the metrics you're reporting?

We report on four main metrics: cpc, cpm, ctr, and total spend.

B00ST report metrics:


Cost-per-click is the average amount of money it took for a click during your campaign.
These can range anywhere from $.05 - $5, depending on the platform, ad content, and timing of each ad placement.
But don't fret! -- the B00ST team manages this for you!


Cost-per-impression is the average amount of money it took for your ad to be served to 1000
This is the least reliable metric in digital advertising, though the most homogeneous across ad-platforms.


Click-through-rate is the average percentage of clicks that went through to their destination.
This metric gives you (and the B00ST algos) an idea of how much interaction an ad, its content, and timing, is generating.
The actual CTR calculation is number of clicks divided by impressions, so bear in mind that this metric is also subject to reliability/reporting issues inherent in determining "what" constitutes an impression.


Total-spend is the cumulative sum of your B00ST campaign thus far. Spend a buck yesterday and two bucks today? Spend should be $3.
And who thought you weren't good at math? With B00ST you're now a mathletics ace
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